Reviews of OSIRIS

“Swift’s intensely observed interplay between the two principals mirrors in microcosm the obstacles to easing tensions between the factions. This is the beauty of the picture – the brushstrokes are broad but look closer and you will discern incredible detail. An absolute gem” — Interzone (#246, May-June 2013)

“A fantastic blend of worldbuilding, excellent storytelling and complex characters.” — SF Signal reviewed by John de Nardo

“The plot works better as background mystery than – as it becomes towards the end – foreground drama; but it’s the characters, and what their lives show us of the fascinating, stratified world of Osiris, that are the heart of this promising debut novel. 4*” — SFX Magazine, April 2013

At a time when writing the far future novels is harder and harder Swift does it with style, brains and heart. OSIRIS is a fine mix of mystery and apocalyptic intrigue on a human scale.’ — Richard Kadrey (author of Sandman Slim) on OSIRIS

‘Swift’s first novel, with its brilliant near-future vision of an ecologically and socially devastated world and characters who resonate with life and passion, marks her as an author to watch.’ — Library Journal 

LA Review of Books A detailed, in-depth review by Strange Horizons editor-in-chief Niall Harrison

Paper Knife reviewed by Maureen Kincaid-Speller

Staffers Book Review reviewed by Justin Landon

Strange Horizons reviewed by Martin Lewis

Bookworm Blues reviewed by Sarah Chorn

Reviews of CATAVEIRO

“… the soulful latest instalment in The Osiris Project and a superior sequel… new lead characters, a fresh story and some real action… CATAVEIRO has a soulful, lonely quality as Taeo and Ramona embark on their solitary missions, haunted by memories of the past and visions of what lies ahead… Their imperfections keep them grounded and likeable, preventing EJ Swift from slipping into predictable and clichéd characterisation… as dystopian fiction goes it is an intriguing world to get lost in.” — SciFiNow:

“Like Swift’s first novel, it is stylish, memorable, beautifully written and utterly distinctive. Proper grown-up SF.” — Adam Roberts, Sibilant Fricative

: “the standard dystopian set-up has given way to a compellingly drawn post-collapse world that feels scorchingly real and virtually limitless in its horizons. This is a very human book, a boldly compassionate book, a novel bulging with important questions about our own world which cannot fail to engage the sympathy and imagination of the reader.” — Nina Allan, The Spider’s House

“If you enjoy beautifully-written, literary science fiction, with less focus on being an action-packed blockbuster, then The Osiris Project is a must read.” — Civilian Reader

Reviews of TAMARUQ

“Tamaruq really is a revelation” — 4* review from SciFiNow

“A really immersive series… a great balance between the macro- and micro-scale elements of ‘Tamaruq’, setting the actions of a few individuals against the actions of nations.” — SF Crowsnest


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You can read an extract from OSIRIS here on io9.

An extract of CATAVEIRO is available on the Del Rey UK website.