Tamaruq (Del Rey UK, January 2015 / JABberwocky, March 2015)

Cataveiro (Del Rey UK, February 2014 / JABberwocky, March 2015)

Osiris (Night Shade Books, June 2012 / Del Rey UK, January 2013)

Short fiction

“Weather Girl” (in Infinity Wars, forthcoming from Solaris, September 2017)

“The White Fox and the Red” (, 2017)

“The Jinn Hunter’s Apprentice” (in The Djinn Falls In Love, & Other Stories, Solaris, 2017)

“Front Row Seat to the End of the World” (in Now We Are Ten, NewCon Press, 2016)
Reprinted in ZUI Found magazine (September 2016 edition, translation by Geng Hui)

“A Handful of Rubies” (in Strata, Penguin Random House Digital, 2016)

“The Spiders of Stockholm” (in the anthology Irregularity, Jurassic, 2014)
Reprinted in The Extinction Event ( Jurassic, 2016)

“The Crepuscular Hunter” (in the anthology Noir, NewCon Press, 2014)
Reprinted in Digital Dreams: A Decade of Science Fiction by Women (NewCon Press, 2016)

“Saga’s Children” (in the anthology The Lowest Heaven, Jurassic, 2013)
Reprinted on Pornokitsch (February 2014)
Reprinted in The Best British Fantasy 2014 (Salt Publishing, 2014)

“The Complex” (Interzone, January 2012)
Reprinted in The Best British Fantasy 2013 (Salt Publishing, 2013)