OSIRIS cover art

My Dad has always been immensely particular about the presentation of work, which is probably why, when I used to write stories as a kid, I’d always make them into ‘proper books’ with hand drawn covers and a bit of wool to bind them. (Dad has worked as an animator and graphic designer, so something of that must be lurking in the genes.)

Osiris cover

When OSIRIS was first being sent out to publishers, there was much speculation between myself and the other members of Family Swift about what the cover might look like, should I be fortunate enough to get a book deal. Would it feature the characters? Would it depict the city? What would be the colour scheme be? And so forth.

When I saw the artwork for OSIRIS, I was hugely excited, and the final cover is better than anything I could have imagined. So this post is really just to say thank you, to Night Shade for doing such a wonderful job with it, and to the following people in particular:

Sparth, for the jacket illustration
Victoria Maderna and Federico Piatti, for the jacket design
Amy Popovich, for the interior layout and design

Thank you!

3 thoughts on “OSIRIS cover art

  1. E J Swift Post author

    Hi Nathanael, I’m glad you like the artwork! I’m afraid I only have a low res version of the cover image myself – but let me check with the publisher if they have a higher res version they would be happy to share.


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