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With great power…

This week’s theme for the Night Bazaar is Steampunk: Fetishizing a time that never was.

I know very little about Steampunk, although I’d like to learn and read more, and was wondering what on earth I would write. Fortunately, the Internet alerted me to the fact that NORTHERN LIGHTS, one of my favourite books, is considered to have elements of Steampunk, so I very happily talked about that. You can read it here:

With great power

Falling into science fiction

This month I’ve started blogging for The Night Bazaar, a group blog for authors with books releasing from Night Shade Books in 2012. Each week we write on a given topic and it’s a wonderful opportunity to exchange thoughts with other writers and find out what we share, or what we do differently. I’ll be blogging every Tuesday until July – here’s a link to my first post:

Falling into science fiction