OSIRIS day, and a shiny OSIRIS book trailer

It’s here! Today I’m thrilled to be celebrating OSIRIS’s official birthday. It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride since signing with Night Shade Books back in January – my first experience of the publishing process, and there’s been a lot to learn very quickly (and I have no doubt, much more to come) – but all the hard work was worth it when the beautiful hardcover editions arrived and I got to see my book in print and ebook for the first time – thank you so much to everyone at Night Shade and to John Berlyne at Zeno Agency for making it happen.

I’ve also been very excited about the book trailer below, which I can finally reveal today. All credit goes to people who know far more about filmmaking than I ever will. When it was suggested I might want to make a book trailer, I had no idea how to depict a book about an ocean city full of pyramid towers. I also had no idea how long it would take to shoot a minute and a half of film, never mind edit it. (The answer: longer than whatever it was I imagined.) So *drumroll* a massive thank you to the super talented:

Bobby Williams (film, production, editing, sound): bobbysaviour.com ; James Harris (film) jamesharris.co.uk ; Alexa Brown (actress) alexabrown.co.uk

Best watched in HD fullscreen with the sound up! (Or, if on a phone, the YouTube version is here)

And if that tickles your fancy, you can get your hands on the actual book OSIRIS here:

Hardback edition: Amazon.com // Amazon.co.uk // Barnes and Noble // Night Shade Books and in real actual bookshops
Ebook edition: Baen ebooks 

Happy reading!

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