This week’s Night Bazaar and other things

This week at the Night Bazaar we’re talking about the influence of children’s fantasy on adult fantasy. Monday’s post from Paul Tobin made a lot of really good points, but here is my slightly rambling contribution to this week’s theme:

It’s okay for kids’ books to be fantasy – why not adults?

Interzone 238 cover

IZ238 cover, art by Ben Baldwin

The Jan/Feb edition of Interzone magazine (issue 238), which featured my short story THE COMPLEX is now available over on Amazon along with lots of other back issues.

With less than a week to go until the official release date for OSIRIS, you can grab the ebook early over at Baen Ebooks along with other June releases from Night Shade Books.

And today Kirkus Reviews included OSIRIS in its list of science fiction and fantasy books for June. All very exciting!

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